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My name is Bill Burniece and this is my personal and professional blog.  I inherited my anxiety disorder at the ripe old age of 37 years.  Prior to that I was a healthy ”normal’ guy with no nervous issues and actually had no idea whatsoever what anxiety was. If you want the long version of what I went through please click here: My Anxiety Story

Over the years I have studied this disorder and all of the related mental health issues such as panic disorder, depression, and agoraphobia.  I have personally tried treatment methods ranging from antidepressants to cognitive therapy to natural remedies for anxiety.  Through all of this experimentation I am convinced that the natural, drug-free treatment route is the best one to take.  In 2008, after much research, I created my own formulation of anti-anxiety herbs and vitamins and packaged it into a product called Panicyl.  Five years later, Panicyl is now one of the top selling natural anxiety and panic supplements in the world.  Logo2013 

I have slowly learned how to cope with and overcome anxiety disorder and now spend the majority of my time helping others overcome anxiety.

While I’m not a doctor I’ve spent years studying these conditions and interacting on a daily basis with thousands of other anxiety sufferers.  Do I know everything?  No.  But I study, live, and teach anxiety disorders every single day so I know what I’m talking about and I know I CAN HELP YOU TOO.

Let me prove to you that I can help you and help you right now by reading my Free Special Report on natural anxiety treatment: 

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